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bioscoop bergen op zoom

Laatste update: 28 augustus 2023

What’s on the Cinema?

In bioscoop Bergen op Zoom will be displaying many kind of movies. There are movies for every genre. Click below for the film agenda.

What does a movie ticket cost?

For adults

A movieticket at this cinema vary on costs. See the ticketprices below.

  • 2D : 11,00,-
  • 3D : 13,50,-

For kids

  • 2D : 8,00,-
  • 3D : 10,50,-

These prices are the average prices. To be certain of a specific price, go to the website of the Cinema itself and order a ticket.

What is Bioscoop Bergen op Zoom?

Bioscoop bergen op Zoom is a beautiful cinema laying at the lake. This Cinema goes also by the name “Cinema Kiek in de Pot’. The theater has 6 cinema-rooms in total and every room has 3D-technology. Furthermore, they posess Dolby Surround 7.1 and very comfortable chairs with a lot of space for your legs.

The theater is different from others. Usually we are just used to get popcorn and a drink, watch the movie and go outside. However, this cinema is completely different on that matter.

It’s for example possible to get a table on your seat. While keep watching the movie you are be able to order some snacks. Served while you watch: It feels like Paradise!

Wheelchair Friendly

The Cinema Kiek in de Pot is wheelchair friendly. Every room is on the ground floor. Furthermore there is a toilet for disabled persons.

How to reach Bioscoop Bergen op Zoom?

bioscoop bergen op zoom

Parking at Bioscoop Bergen op Zoom

Parkcosts Cinema Kiek in de Pot

The best way to park by Cinema Kiek in de Pot is to do it right next to the cinema. You can park here for free. The parking spot is huge, so there is plenty of room for your car or van.

Parklocation Bioscoop Bergen op Zoom

You can reach the parkingspot by driving to the location below. The address is:

Burgemeester van de Laarstraat 25
4615 PB Bergen op Zoom

Bioscoop bergen op zoom parkeren

After you arrived, you can walk to the cinema. You do not have to ask how to reach the cinema. You can’t miss the big building, with the words ‘C-Cinema Kiek in de Pot’ on it.

Welke filmcadeau kan ik hier gebruiken?

Wil je een partner, vriend(in) of familielid verrassen met een gezellige middag of avond bij Cinema Kiek in de pot? Dan raden we je aan om een nationaal bioscoopcadeau te geven.

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